Instructions for proper use

Product parameters and specifications are displayed here.
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1. You must shave your hair before depilation to ensure that the pulsed light can effectively act on the hair shaft and follicles. Observe for 12 hours after shaving, and use the depilator if there are no redness and itching symptoms. If the skin is dry and itchy after shaving, spraying is allowed Use the hair removal device only after the toner is completely absorbed. (Dry shaving is prohibited because the blade is sharp, shaving must be done with foam or shower gel)

2. The lamp holder must be close to the skin when in use, and the leather glue can be used to effectively emit light. It is closer to the high-energy light source area to increase the effect of hair removal.

3. For the first use, be sure to use the first gear, choose a small area for lighting on the limbs, wait for 8-12 hours without discomfort, and then select a large area for lighting.

The same skin position can be lighted 1 or 2 times. Do not repeatedly light the same position. Repeated light of the same position will burn the skin.

4. Care needs to be done after depilation: after depilation, the skin must be iced for 2 to 3 minutes (the product with freezing point function is turned on without pressing the light, it is the ice compress mode).

5. Avoid contact with water on the depilated area within 6 hours after depilation. If you feel the skin is hot and dry, you can apply aloe essence to soothe it. Avoid exposure to the sun within 24 hours and do normal sun protection work.

6. Remove the fluff from the face. It is recommended to use it on the face without discomfort for two weeks after the body is depilated. The first test is also required to use the first gear to prevent the allergens in the skincare products from irritating the residual allergens and causing discomfort.

7. Which people are not applicable: It cannot be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding; people with skin allergies or other skin diseases cannot use it, and the hair color is white.

8. Which parts cannot be used: Tattoo parts, birthmarks, moles, freckles, and other dark areas cannot be used.