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For good effects , please follow the instructions below
If there is a large amount of hair on the irradiated area , shave it off before using the product ( do not use
chemical hair removal method ).
Clean the skin , make sure there is no hair residue on the surface , it is completely dry and there is no oily
material stain.
Check this product , especially the light transmission window and the body parts . Make sure they are clean
and tidy.
When hair growth is temporarily stopped ( after using this product 4-5 times ) , shave is not required before
using this product.
For winter or dry skin , please shave the hair and moisturize the skin in advance . After the next day , perform
hair removal again.
The skin may be slightly reddish after hair removal . This is a normal phenomenon . We recommend ice compress
or wait for self cooling.
When operating , wear protective glasses Do not look directly at the blinking light . Do not flash toward the eyes.
If the tone of your skin is not in the color card range , The skin color cannot pass through the self-test of the
machine . Do not use this machine.
It is recommended to use at an ambient temperature of 10-30 degrees Celsius . When the environment is over
30 degrees , the human body is prone to sweating , and when the hair is removed , the lamp head is likely to
be dirty , which may affect the subsequent hair removal effect.
If the ambient temperature is too low , the temperature difference inside the product will be large , which is not
conducive to product stability.
This product specification is not exhaustive . If you are unsure whether you can use this product , it is recommended
that you consult a doctor first.